Why I Choose Delphi!

That’s a good question, isn’t it?
Why have I chosen Delphi to build my applications, my blog and my career? We, developers, are now telling a little bit of our preference to Delphi. Check it out!

My story with Delphi began back in 2004, when I was studying programming. I first heard about it from a teacher who, today, is also an Embarcadero MVP: Kelver Merlotti. Thanks, Kelver! 🙂

Since that year, I’ve built a solid career in software development, working in many companies that use Delphi as the main technology. I helped them to improve their business, processes and workflow through Information Technology. That’s why I’m here today, blogging almost every week about this programming language.

But that’s not the only reason for my choice. There’s more…

I choose Delphi because of its community. Delphi developers have access to many third-party components, libraries and add-ons to take their applications to a next level. For example, there are ORM frameworks, DI libraries, data converters, services connectors and customized visual styles available around us. Many of them can be installed from inside the IDE with GetIt Package Manager, that is, there is no need to dig the web to find them.

I choose Delphi because of its capabilities. I can easily use Class Helpers, Custom Attributes, Generics, Dictionaries, Threading, Live Bindings, REST and other software development concepts in my projects. When and where to use them is up to me.

I choose Delphi because my productivity is improved. The menu “Refactor” provides a very good set of options to arrange my code in order to make it cleaner and more expressive.
I’m also able to create my own IDE features with OpenTools API. And that’s what I did! I created a new menu with shortcuts to external applications, documentation, and a DataSet visualizer to help my teammates with the daily work. You have no idea how much it has helped us!

I choose Delphi because it’s definitely RAD. It’s possible to create a CRUD application in less than ten minutes. All we need is a few FireDAC components, a TDataSource, a TDBGrid and a TDBNavigator. Just plug them all together and it’s done. No code.

I choose Delphi because I can create my own components and share them with my team. Actually, more than that: I can share them with the community to make development even faster. Everyone benefits!

I choose Delphi because I can work with several databases. I have already worked and tested applications connecting to MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, Firebird, Interbase, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and SQLite. On top of that: all of them with only one component, called TFDConnection.

I choose Delphi because of its documentation. Embarcadero DocWiki brings tutorials, code examples and library references to support developers, always updated to the latest version of the product. Speaking of code examples, click here to access a page with 738 examples provided by Embarcadero!

I choose Delphi because of FireMonkey, which is an amazing framework that allows me to create a single application that runs on Windows, iOS and Android. The code is the same for all these platforms.

I choose Delphi because it’s simple to verify the flow of execution. I can debug the code to inspect objects, watch variables, modify values, evaluate expressions and change execution points whenever needed. Thus, tracing semantic errors becomes very easy.

I choose Delphi because it’s integrated with Version Control Systems, such as GitHub and BitBucket.


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Thank you for stepping by!


André Celestino